Rapac sold 50% of it’s rights for building power station near Kiryat Gat.
Rapac announced purchasing from Delek Energy the rights for building a power station in the Kiryat Gat area
Rapac will cease consolidation of RR Sat financial statements.
Orpak has received first major order for installation of oil stations and vehicle units from disributors in southeast asia. A successful implementation of first order may
Rapac as part of the Via Europa group (12.5% holdings) is the winner of the tender for installation a new optical cables infrastructure based on the IIE cable system.
Rapac has raised 74 million NIS by issuing debentures to the public. Main purpose of the issue is investment in the optical cables new system and the power stations that will be built for Nilit and Tnuva, in conjuction with the international fund "Denham"
Rapac sold all it’s holdings in Delta Elkon gaining a profit of 3.5 million nis.
Rapac has raised additional 82 million nis in debentures issued to the public. The funds raised will be used in the new power stations that are being built.

Inter-Gamma Investment company Ltd. is one of Israel`s 40 leading holding corporations. The company controls a Network of commercial and industrial enterprises including many market leaders in their fields.

Inter-Gamma Investment company Ltd. has placed great importance on diversification with a focus and is active in the communication ,energy, defense, fuel management and imaging sectors. 

Inter-Gamma Investment company Ltd. offers a special blend of maturity, financial stability, creativity and dynamism that has resulted in on going growth. Since 2006 the corporation`s activities were restructured into four divisions:

Real estate
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